About 5D Radio

(Our First Show was Oct 2004 on WCOJ - ( 4 years - WCOJ was sold Sept 30, 2008) Blog: How the Show Got Started

Computer Corner named by and originally started on WCOJ-1420
with Gene Mitchell
, Joe Myshko
Saturdays 8 to 930 AM on www.5DRadio.com &

from 8-9am on WCHE 1520 West Chester

Gene"Computer Corner" will take calls from listeners who experience computer problems, both hardware and software as well as questions about topics being discussed.  The show starts with up to date computer news and information and a discussion topic. Many shows will have guests that are movers and shakers in the industry. Speacial tips and web site recommendations are offered.

Gene Mitchell is the perfect guy for the job, because he has over 24 years experience building and fixing computers, and he has taught Night School for over 18 years. He worked at WCOJ for over 5 1/2 years as Sunday morning engineer and producer for the Sunday morning religious broadcasts as well as remote broadcast engineer and then Chief Engineer. He also produced and hosted the Saturday Morning Computer Corner Show on WCOJ for 4 full years untill the station was sold September 30th, 2008. The Fifth Dimension Radio Network was created to continue the Computer Corner.WCHE 1520 now carries the Computer Corner Radio Show.

Gene has been well known throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania for over 35 years because of Ham Radio, Rotary Club, and even the popular Kimberton Roller Rink he used to own and operate, that drew hundreds from distant places. Gene is President of PARA, the Philadelphia Area Repeater Association, a 501C3 non-profit. He has been twice, a past President of Exton-Frazer Rotary Club and also Chairman of the Rotary District 7450 Technical Committee where he helps all 54 clubs in the District with Technology. He has made friends with most of his former roller skaters and is in contact with them, even after 21 years since the rink closed. Many of these people are now listeners of the Computer Corner Radio Show. Many listeners stop by his shop to say hello, which Gene welcomes.   

Joe Myshko, a security consultant, who came on the show monthly, has joined the new Fifth Dimension Radio Network full time. Joe started his career at Commodore as he built a world wide engineering network while the Internet was being started under the management of the National Science Foundation and the U.S. military. Joe graduated to the aerospace industry and has been involved in projects such as GPS, LandSat and Earth Observation satellites and has held high level security clearances beyond "Top Secret".  Over the past 2 decades, Joe has designed numerous Internet Gateways for Fortune 500 Companies such as GE, NBC, Vanguard, Mellon Bank, Martin Marietta and Lockheed. His skills include Internet security and especially securing Internet application layer protocols such as SMTP for email.  Joe was one of a team of three that discovered the security breach and "break in" to General Electric's corporate network back in 1995 and helped to chased the notorious Super Hacker  Kevin Mitnick who was eventually imprisoned for his activities.  Citicorp has used Joe to design and rollout their 100,000+ user Email system for Y2K compliance.  Joe's other projects include the design of data centers, Help Desks, Network Operation Centers and ISP Infrastructures.

Everyone has a computer today and everyone is experiencing problems. Listeners have called from as far away as Lancaster County, Philadelphia, Wilmington,De, South Carolina, and Florida

Listeners can email the show anytime to gene@5DRadio.com. A computer is in the studio during the show. Callers can call in during the show to 610-590-0451 for all kinds of advice.

Fifth Dimension Radio Network and the affilliates need advertisers / sponsors. Bee Net has already donated the new web site, email, and podcast server, an anonymous donor has donated the professional audio console and hybrid phone system. We have also added professional quality audio cards to our computers (Oct 22)   

If your company is interested in reaching Chester County and way beyond with a message about your product, please contact Gene Mitchell at 610-590-0451 from 10AM to 530PM weekdays.We had thousands of listeners on WCOJ and our hundreds on 5DRadio are headed towards those thousands as the word gets out. Now we have real radio again with previous and new listeners.