Joe Myshko

Joe Myshko Picture

Joe started his career at Commodore as he built a world wide engineering network while the Internet was being started under the management of the National Science Foundation and the U.S. military.  Joe graduated to the aerospace industry and has been involved in projects such as GPS, LandSat and Earth Observation satellites and has held high level security clearances beyond “Top Secret”.  Over the past 2 decades, Joe has designed numerous Internet Gateways for Fortune 500 Companies such as GE, NBC, Vanguard, Mellon Bank, Martin Marietta and Lockheed.  His skills include Internet security and especially securing Internet application layer protocols such as SMTP for email.  Joe was one of a team of three that discovered the security breach and “break in” to General Electric’s corporate network back in 1995 and helped to chased the notorious “Super Hacker”  Kevin Mitnick who was eventually imprisoned for his activities.  Citicorp has used Joe to design and rollout their 100,000+ user Email system for Y2K compliance.  Joe’s other projects include the design of data centers, Help Desks, Network Operation Centers and ISP Infrastructures.