Here is a short Blog on how the Computer Corner Radio Show got started:

About 10 years ago, Lloyd Roach, then ower of WCOJ, was in my store picking up a new computer that he had ordered. As he left, he asked "you wouldn't know where I could get some good help for the station, would you?" My reply was " what kind of help are you looking for?" He told me a "board operator". I told him that I was interested. He told me to stop in and ask for LaKisha. My wife was working at a farm early morning hours, so I was home alone and somewhat bored.

A week or so later, I did stop in. I was told there was an opening for "board operator" for the Phillies games and also Sunday mornings. I was invited to stop in Sunday morning to see what was going on. I had been informed that the college kid that was doing the board was prone to over-sleeping. There were Church Broadcasts from 630am till 1215PM. Some were tapes and some were live. I watched for 2 weeks and learned the board. I also took on some Phillies games, about once a week, sharing with some other board operators. I started March 2003.

I did everything I could to please the churches. Everything was on time. I worked into a good relationship with each church, so much so, that Lloyd asked me to handle everything relating to the church broadcasts, including the broadcast contracts. I would also receive a commission for each renewal and throughout the year. I also visited each church and inspected the remote broadcast equipment where applicable.

Lloyd invited me out on a remote live broadcast at a Fire company and taught me those ropes too. He said I was a natural and sent me out for all other remote broadcasts, several a month. They involved mostly a VHF transmitter link to the studio, although occasionally, we used a Comrex over the phone lines. After I was there for several months, I suggested that computer information would be popular with listeners. I was told the station would need sponsors as everything that goes on the air needs methods to fund them.

It wasn't till after the station hired a consultant to find ways to boost their listener population, that things happened. The consultant approached me and asked if I could do a radio show. Shortly after, Lloyd approached me and said the consultant said the station needed a computer show. October 2004. It took about a week and a half for the station to come up with the show's name.

I was on! They decided on Wednesday evenings at 7 starting in October, after the Phillies finished their season. I did this for 6 months and then realized that the Phillies would be back, so I asked what happens to the show. I was asked when I could do it - that they wanted it in a better time slot when the station was not in a directional pattern. I said Saturday mornings would be best, but also said I knew there was already good programming there. Lloyd said to hold on a moment. He left and consulted Michelle, the
program manager. He was back in 60, so to speak, and said 8 would be OK. I was on the first Saturday in May and the rest is history, up till when WCOJ was sold to the Catholic Radio Network (exactly 4 years to the week when the show first started).

I was afraid I would freeze up and blank out while on the air the first time, so I asked a friend, Joe Hubler to go on my first show. It worked out well and Lloyd said it always works best with 2 people. Joe Hubler stayed on the whole time we were at WCOJ, but decided to call it quits after the station was sold. He didn't like the early morning time.