Our Programming Schedule


Stream comes on about 650AM with last weeks show, then . At 730, Gene starts the Lincoln Radio Journel, a show about Pennsylvania politics - really, really good)

Lincoln Radio Journel 730 - 8 AM

Computer Corner 8 - 9 AM also on WCHE-1520 LIVE !!!

(You can call in to the show at 610-590-0451 after 825am (or when the news and commercials end) or you can Email your questions and comments to gene@5DRadio.com any time during the show or later in the week and have them answered on the air)

Technology Corner 9-930 am LIVE !!! (More about Computers, Electronics, Ham Radio, HDTV, Hybrid Automobiles, Alternative energy, and more) (You can still call in to this show at 610-590-0451)

Lincoln Radio Journel 930 - 10am (repeat from 730am)

American Radio Journal 10-1030am

Then last weeks show

We also Feature Ham Radio on many shows Get a Ham Radio License and Talk to the World