Special Links that we talk about (and others)

Star Wars Name Generator

You got to watch this video that aired on PBS Tuesday May 13, 2014 United States of Secrets

Social Media

FaceBook Page for 5DRadio - become a Fan and like us

The very First Social Network is still very much alive and even growing

Ham Radio Clubs in the Phila

Ham Radio Exam Test Questions - new link from ARRL

Things You Should Never Post Online but Probably Are

11 Photos You Should Never, Ever Post on Social Media

4 Online Safety Tips You Need to Know to Avoid Becoming a Cybercrime Victim by Jasmine Dyoco

Microsoft has a wild hologram that translates HoloLens keynotes into Japanese

What Teens Shouldn't Put in Their Social Media Profiles

Child Safety Guide: How to Keep Kids Safe When They're Home Alone

Ways to Check if You're Visiting a Safe Site

Internet Safety Tips for Seniors

How to Shop Safely Online

My Favorite Subject

Bitcoin (Why?) Click to understand


UEFI Boot - Why its important to understand like Booting Linux and a Windows DVD

Getting into Safe Mode in Windows 8 & 10

Windows 10 ISO's

CPU Benchmarks for understanding the Intels Chip Power

Intel Core Chips - understanding the i3 the i5 the i7

More: i5 vs i7

What is Tor?

What is a VPN and Why Use One

Listen to this about Privacy

Windows 10 Privacy - Save Yourself

Inside Windows 10

Google Chrome

Adobe Reader This is Adobe's own site, the only place you can safely download it.

Thunderbird (best email)

Mozbackup email backup for Thunderbird

Magic Partition Resizer

Virtual Machines with Hyper V

Hiren's Boot CD a valuable resource

Windows 7 - Making Installation Disks

Outlook Express Email Backup as mentioned again 4-10-2010

So you want a web page of your own - read this

Windows 10 Preview Link from Microsoft

Windows Command Line

Coding for Kids


Great Utilities

Belarc Advisor Creates Inventory List of your software and serial numbers

Vipre Rescue

Vipre Antivirus-Internet Security (we highly recommend this - Excellent)

Malwarebytes very good

Bleachbit (Don't use CCleaner any more)

Chrome Browser Cleanup Tool

Junkware Info & Remval Tool

Recording Internet Radio Shows from Listener John Hoda

Skype for Windows




My Dear Drone - Great Blog if you are interested in Drones

Drone Buying Guide

Who is Flying Drones? check this out (from Charlie)

3 Laws of Robotics


Ubuntu Live CD


Gimp (graphics)

GNUCash (accounting)


Space Weather

Space Weather

Solar Reports



Where to RECYCLE (2019)

Recycling by Team Children in Audubon, Pa 610-666-1795

We ask people to fill out an application, pay a small administrative fee, and write a letter stating why they cannot afford a new computer. Our Mission Statement: TeamChildren's body-mind program aims to ensure every child has the tools and opportunities they need to contribute and compete effectively in today's 21st century digital, global environment. In order to achieve our goals we accept donations of used computer, working printers, flat screen monitors, cables and anything else related to computers. These donations can be dropped off at our technology center in Audubon, PA. (960 Rittenhouse Rd, Audubon, PA 19403)

Smartphones & Tablets & Pi

How to Wipe/Prepare your electronic devices for disposal

iPad for Dummies

Sample Raspberry Pi Magazine

The Arduino Miniture Computer

EZ Pass reader and how this works

Presentation about these readers including license plate readers along the highway


Z-Wave remote control of Locks, Lights, Appliances, Alarms - Catalog

For the Visually Imparred

Jaws from Freedon Scientific

System Access (www.serotek.com/systemaccess)


Misc Links

(still working on sorting these links out)


Make Tech Easier Education

Automotive Electronics and Computers (PDF) good reading

Buffett Law from Freddy

End Robo calls fast (from Tony)

The Ultimate Power Outage Resource Guide

PA Turnpike Incident Map


List of Tips Mentioned on the August 6th Show

Chrome OS Recovery

Disaster Map and Report

Useful Tips submitted by listener Bob

So you want to learn Calculus (from MIT)

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