How to get Help for your Computer

1 send us an email. We do not embassass anyone because listeners only hear your first name, and besides, if you have a question you don't know the answer to, I guarantee you that there are others that don't know either.

2 Attend a local club meeting. There are numerous clubs in the county and surrounding and they will help you either by hearing a good speaker or participating in one of there groups.

3 Be sure to listen to us on WCHE 1520 AM or at every Saturday morning at 8, and don't forget our Podcasts if you miss a show.

Special Link to Windows 7 - Making Installation Disks

If you have problems ......

First, try clicking on either of the links below. If that doesn't work, try to "Cut & paste" either of the links below into Windows Media Player

BroadWave Broadband Stream * MAC Users

MAC Users for WCHE-1520

Problems with receiving either or both our Stream can be caused by other software installed on your computer such as Real Player, Winamp, and MusicMatch. In addition, Windows Media Player may not be setup for certain streaming file types such as .asf. Make sure this is clicked and not greyed out.

Below is a screen capture of Windows Media Player configuration. Make sure that the "file types" for .asf is both checked and not greyed out. Simply click on the file type .asf again and make sure it remains clicked. Click this link for screen capture.

Occassionally, your FIREWALL can stop the stream - you may have to adjust it


MAC Users and Droid Users Click here to listen or paste into your player

We are on "Tune In" for Droid and Apple for your Smartphone