Clubs that can help you


1 The Main Line MAC Users Group meets on the second Saturday of the month from 9 to noon. That's Tony's group by the way. Special Interest Groups or SIGs: Note that the meeting place can be changed - see web site or listen for announcements

1) New User group - covers various topics as directed by attendees each meeting. Generally no specific topic. Just user help.

2) OS - covers OS questions related to Mac OS and iOS. Sometimes has a topic, but mostly Q&A. Similar to the New User Group, but looking to more advanced topics.

3) MultiMedia / Web group - addresses a special related topic each meeting. Typically, posting photos, etc to the web, sharing, streaming thru the house, followed by Q&A.

2 Philadelphia Area Linux User Group (PLUG) - Great Group if you are thinking about using Linux

3 West Chester Senior Center (Jim Mobile)

4 Upper Merion Senior Center
5 The Exton PC Council: The old web site still up at (now only a Yahoo Group)
6 There is also a group that meets at Hershey's Mill on the 4th Saturday of the month for computer help.
7 The Philadelphia Area Computer Society, better known as PACS which meets at the Giant Food Store in Willow Grove on the 3rd Saturday . Their web site is:
8 The Philadelphia PowerBook Users Group has disbanded
9 in San Francisco has good Mac info on their web site. Here is their latest newsletter (very interesting)